Cpt. Amalia Räumer


2331: Amalia Räumer is born in Munich, Earth.

2349: Enters Starfleet Medical School

2357: Graduates from Starfleet Medical School; assigned to Starbase 12.

2360: Assigned to USS Einstein and promoted to Lieutenant.

2363: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

2364: Injured on mission to Adlak IV; testifies in court martial of Ted Dawson

2364-2365: Rehabilitation at Starfleet Medical. During her time there, works as medical researcher and passes bridge officer’s test.

2366: Is deemed fit for starship duty. Assigned to Medical frigate Hippocrates D as Medical Officer.

2367: Promoted to Commander after successfully negotiating a tense stand-off between a ship of Cardassians and one of Bajorans, which occurred while she was leading an away mission to supply medical aid requested by a ship of Federation citizens: it turned out that the request had been falsified (the culprit was never determined, though the Bajorans are suspected.)

2370: Promoted to Captain.

Cpt. Amalia Räumer

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