Space, the final frontier…

These are the voyages of the starship Archer. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Boldly Going… This campaign is set in the world of Star Trek: The Next Generation and takes place midway through Season 7. The characters continue to explore the vast galaxies and quandrants of the Star Trek universe while meeting with familiar characters and weaving in and out of storylines from the popular TV series.

Campaign Structure. The campaign firmly embraces it’s televised source material by structuring each adventure as an episode; each episode, in this sense, lasts about three sessions. At the beginning of each session, the group watches the opening credits specially edited with them as the actors, starring in their very own Star Trek episode. Music from Star trek’s various incarnations, as well as miniatures and the occasional prop are utilized to provide the best atmosphere possible to explore the galaxy.

The System. The system for this campaign has been custom built based primarily on the Star Wars d20 RPG modifying the terms and rules to fit the Star Trek universe. Other sources included the d20 Future RPG and Star Trek: The Next Generation d6 RPG by Last Unicorn Games.

The USS Archer NCC-2041-C. The USS Archer is the setting of this campaign. Each player’s character is a functioning member of the ship’s crew or a civilian with specific talents. To utilize decades worth of source materials (i.e. Technical Manuals), the USS Archer is a UFP Galaxy Class Starship and an exact replica of the USS Enterprise .

...where no one has gone before. The goal is to continue moving foward in the Star Trek storyline, exploring the various planets and galaxies, interacting with beloved characters, and becoming involved in critical story lines such as the Dominion War. The campaign is not currently looking for new players, but should a spot open up, anyone with a love for Star Trek and an interest in Role Playing games will certainly be welcome.

USS Archer

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